Is your facility posing risk to your community? Improper handling and disposal of medical waste poses numerous health, safety and environmental risks to your community. Not only that, but today’s laws and regulations make compliance more critical than ever.

That’s why you should request a FREE Waste Stream Assessment & Audit from UWMW. It includes:

  • Onsite visit and “walkabout” from a regulated waste expert
  • Paper audit of waste bills: typically results in an average savings of 30% in annual waste costs
  • Review of your waste-collection areas: what’s being thrown away and where?
  • Assessment of potential hazards with waste storage & handling
  • Audit “report card” with input on how to reduce costs and risks, and correct compliance shortcomings

Our audit means the difference between risk and responsibility; carelessness and compliance -- plus it creates significant cost-savings for your facility. Request yours now!

Join the over 5000 healthcare, government agencies, & life science facilities in the New England area who are already partnered with United Medical Waste Management 

"As a waste generator, there are many specific laws governing how waste is disposed of and managed. United makes it easy for our entire town—we never have to think or worry about it."

— David N., Lexington, MA Board of Health