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As a waste generator, your organization is legally responsible for the proper disposal of medical waste in accordance with multiple federal and state regulations. (Read more here about who regulates medical waste)

Compliance is a little different for everyone, though -- and that means managing it puts a heavy burden on organizations who are required to stay on top of ever-changing regulations.

So why not leave it to the medical waste experts at United Medical Waste Management (UMWM)? We offer multiple formats for training, some of which include:

  • MSDS/SDS management
  • Live on-site training
  • Web-based safety plans
  • Training for waste segregation, packaging, and handling
  • Controlled pharmaceuticals compliance
  • Regulations updates and newsletters

Flexible & Affordable Training Options: Online or In Person

Most medical waste service providers only have web-based options and cookie-cutter programs that ensure you are just meeting minimum regulatory requirements. Our philosophy is different: we believe in hands-on consultancy that uniquely fits your needs.

That’s why we offer a combination of web-based and in-person training options. We also employ full-time authorized outreach trainers who are committed to serving our clients’ specific safety and compliance needs. For more on our web-based training programs, including how our training programs stack up to our competitors', view our brochure here.

Questions and Enrollment

Do you have inquiries about the compliance and training services we offer? It’s easy to get started -- just connect with us here to learn more. We can discuss compliance programs that include the following:


OSHA Training (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

OSHA has strict guidelines intended to protect you and your employees. For example, annual bloodborne pathogens training is legally required for every employee who may come in contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). OSHA also requires that employers maintain and update specific safety plans, such as a BBP exposure control plan and written hazard HazCom program.

UMWM makes sure our clients have access to both web-based support and /or personal contact with highly trained professionals (yes, they are REAL people)! Our online and/or on-site personal training helps you navigate OSHA requirements, be compliant, and avoid costly citations and penalties. Training sessions will cover:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Global Harmonized Systems (GHS)
  • Hazard Communications
  • Hazwoper 40
  • Issuance of general Industry 10- and 30-hour cards

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DOT Compliance (Department of Transportation)

The onsite workers who package and handle waste prior to shipment and sign the manifests are required to have relevant DOT training certificates every 3 years and within 10 days of hire. The Joint Commission and state and federal agencies enforce DOT training requirements with fines for failing to comply typically starting at $5K per occurrence. Our web-based training program includes DOT training modules and compliance tools offered in both English and Spanish.

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HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

This web-based training program makes regular HIPPA training simple. (Note: This is a popular choice among dental offices who often struggle to stay compliant with HIPPA guidelines.)

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Not sure where to get started? Reach out and we'll help you determine what makes sense for your facility.

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